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Hola, Buen Dia

This month's snack box is from Spain, the land of Sangrias and Siestas. We have put together a selection of Spanish snacks – Andres Gavino Tortas de Aceite, Torres Black Truffle Potato Chips, Dulma Hojaldres de Astorga Miel, Lacasa Dark Chocolate Bar and Fried Fava Beans. We are sure that your taste buds are going to be satiated by the time you are done with your box.

This month’s box is accompanied by our travelogue (TopTravel), our language guide (TopPhrase) and our music library (TopMusic) - all of which will expose you to the sights, sounds and language of Spain. These initiatives highlight our focus towards TopMunch’ mission - which is to educate people about the different cultures around the world.

We’d love it if you leave us a review or hashtag us on social media. Do send your feedback to us at feedback@topmunch.com on any area you feel we need to improve or you feel we did great. Happy Snacking!

Our journey, this month, has brought us to Spain, a democracy that was organized in the form of a parliamentary government under a constitutional monarchy (presently, King Felipe VI). It is a developed country with the world's fourteenth largest economy by nominal GDP and sixteenth largest by purchasing power parity. In the early modern period, Spain became one of history's first global colonial empires, leaving a vast cultural and linguistic legacy that includes over 500 million Spanish speakers, making Spanish the world's second most spoken first language, after Chinese and before English. To speak about Spain and not mention Flamenco doesn’t seem right. It is a dance form that originated in the regions of West Andalusia, which includes cante (singing), toque (guitar playing), baile (dance), jaleo (vocalizations), palmas (handclapping) and pitos (finger snapping). An interesting fact is, contrary to popular belief that Spanish music and the flamenco are synonymous to each other; the flamenco is not widespread outside of West Andalusia. Did you also know that the most popular traditional musical instrument in the world - the guitar, originated in Spain?

This month’s snack selection was done by Karthik, who right now wishes he was in Spain enjoying these sumptuous snacks along with other Spanish delicacies, occasionally glancing up to see a GTA Spano or IFR Aspid drive by.

What's inside this box?

Andres Gavino Tortas de Aceite (Olive Oil Torta Biscuits)
Andres Gavino Tortas de Aceite (Olive Oil Torta Biscuits)

The olive oil torta, a flat, unleavened biscuit, was first invented several hundred years ago to provide an easily portable snack for stagecoach passengers passing through the city of Seville. Since then, due to their composition, they have become an important part of the healthy Mediterranean diet that Spanish people follow. The Andres Gavino torta biscuits are handmade, slightly sweet with a hint of anise, and can be enjoyed along with coffee, cocoa, tea, yogurt, crème fraiche, creamy cheese such as Tetilla, fruit, ice cream, wine and sherry.

Torres Black Truffle Potato Chips
Torres Black Truffle Potato Chips

Torres Potato Chips are a premium product from Spain, which are light, crisp with bold flavors and are fried in high quality Spanish sunflower oil. We are sending across a unique set of these “patatas fritas” which are flavored with authentic black summer truffles. Black Truffles are known to exude a scent carrying with it hints of strawberries, dried fruit and cocoa. This flavor of potato chips comes with an intense fruity aroma complimented with a peppery and bitter twist, a real treat for your senses.

Dulma Hojaldres de Astorga Miel
Dulma Hojaldres de Astorga Miel

This roughly translates to “Puff Pastry of Astorga”, a well-known delicacy from the small town of Astorga, which lies in the Leon - a province in Northern Spain, known for its pastries. The Hojaldres are basically puffed pastries, which are dipped into a golden syrup and served for breakfast, or as an afternoon treat with hot coffee or tea. It does sound easy to make, but to get it perfect as the artisans of Astorga do is not easy because the Spanish say that the miracle happens in the oven, and the taste is the labor of the artisan’s love mixed with traditional teachings.

Fried Fava Beans
Fried Fava Beans

Fava Beans are known to be nutritious with health benefits such as being rich in dietary fiber thereby improving the heart health and rich in B vitamins. This delicacy, from the Spanish city of Valencia, is prepared by frying fava beans in vegetable oil to give you a crunchy, irresistible afternoon or midnight snack. For the wine-lovers, pair it with a glass of Chianti and you may love the duality.

Lacasa Dark Chocolate Bars
Lacasa Dark Chocolate Bars

Well, Chocolate bars are chocolate bars, but what snack box is complete without a delicious dark chocolate waiting to be consumed at the end of a sumptuous meal (although, there are a few people who would devour the chocolate bar at first sight). La Casa is a well-known Spanish brand and have been in the chocolate business for over 160 years. This simple dark chocolate bar with its intense flavor of cocoa can be enjoyed anywhere and at anytime.


TopMunch was formed with a mission to educate people about the different cultures in the world. The learning curve is incomplete if people do not understand the native language, and with this in mind TopMunch has launched TopPhrase. TopPhrase provides our customers with basic phrases and their usages in each country, so that everyone would be able to conduct basic conversations with locals of that country.

This month, we will look at Spanish phrases and usages that are most commonly used by travellers. We have provided the corresponding English translations as well to help grasp the basics of the language.

Good morning “Buenos dias”
Good afternoon “Buenas tardes”
Good evening “Buenas noches”
Hi “Hola”(with a silent H)
How are you? “Como esta?”
if you know someone “Como esta?”
if you don’t know them “Como estas?”
If they ask you how you are, you can say Good, thank you “Bien, Gracias”
Please “Por favor”(porfah vohr)
Thank you “Gracias”(grah cee ahs)
When you are introduced to someone, you say Nice to meet you and they will say the same thing back to you “Mucho gusto”
Excuse me, Pardon me “Disculpe” “Perdon”
You’re welcome “De Nada”
Do you speak English? “Habla ingles?”(silent H)
I don’t speak Spanish “No hablo espanol”
I want ____ “Yo quiero ___”
I don’t want ___ “Yo no quiero___”
Where is ___? “Donde Esta ___?”
How much does it cost? “Cuanto cuesta?”
The Bill, please “La Cuenta, por favor”
What time is it? “Quehora es?”
Do you understand? “Entiende?”
Speak slowly, please “Hable despaci, por favor”
Could you help me? “Podria ayudarme?”
true “Si”
false “No”
I am sorry “Lo siento”
I do not understand “No Comprendo”
What’s your name? “Como se Ilama?”
Where is the subway? “Donde esta el metro”
Where is the bathroom? “Donde esta el bano?”
Can I get on the Internet? “Puedo conectarme con el internet?”
Could you write it down please? “Me loescribe, por favor?”
Today “Hoy”
Tomorrow “Manana”
Next week “Lasemana proxima”
Help “Socorro”
Stop “Pare”
Go Away “Vayase”
1 Uno
2 Dos
3 Tres
4 Cuatro
5 Cinco
6 Seis
7 Siete
8 Ocho
9 Nueve
10 Diez
11 Once
12 Doce
13 Trece
14 Cuatroce
15 Quince
16 Dieciseis
17 Diecisiete
18 Dieciocho
19 Diecinueve
20 Veinte
21 Veintiuno
22 Veintidos
30 Treinta
40 Cuarenta
50 Cincuenta
52 Cincuenta y Dos
60 Sesenta
63 Sesenta y Tres
70 Setenta
80 Ochenta
90 Noventa
100 Cien
150 Ciento Cincuenta
200 Doscientos
300 Trescientos
500 Quinientos
800 Ochocientos
900 Novecientos
1000 Mil
2000 Dos Mil


We, at TopMunch, believe in helping our customers experience all the flavors, sights, sounds and languages that every culture around the world has to offer. With this mission, we have launched our travelogue –TopTravel, whereby we will educate you about some of the sights in every country along with local tips about how to gain an experience that can be preserved in your treasure chest of memories.

Over the course of the next few months, we will not only be educating you about the sights but also helping you plan your next getaway or vacation.


We continue our journey with TopMunch to the beautiful country of Spain.

Spain is the fourth largest country in the European continent, with Madrid as its capital. Other major urban areas include Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Bilbao and Malaga. After Italy (49) and China (45), Spain is the third country in the world with the most number of World Heritage Sites.

ALHAMBRA: The Alhambra is Granada’s “mysterious love letter to Moorish culture”. It is a part palace, part fort, World Heritage Site with medieval architecture, but mostly a transport vehicle to the 14th century.

LA SAGRADA FAMILIA: This medieval cathedral is famous partly because it remains under construction even after more than a 100 years. When completed, the highest tower will stand higher than today. This temple was designed by Antoni Gaudi with outlines of the towers inspired by the weird peaks of Montserrat outside of Barcelona.

MUSEU PICASSO: This museum consists of the earlier collection of Pablo Picasso, one of the most celebrated revolutionaries of 20thcentury art. For his most famous art works, one must visit Paris but this set concentrates on his formative years. The 3500 odd works housed here would give you an insight into the man’s true versatility and genius.

Things to do in Spain
  • Ride the only International Zip Line in the world. This is available in the village of Sanlucar de Guadiana to Alcoutim.
  • Experience the real Tapeo. The real Spanish tapeo is much more than just food. It’s a way of life, a national pastime that involves eating, drinking, and socializing in a friendly and unpretentious atmosphere.Madrid’sMercado de San MiguelandMercado de San Antonare excellent places to get a true taste of Spain’s unique tapas culture.
  • See the Holy Grail. Although not confirmed, but rumor has it that the beautiful Valencia Cathedral houses what many historians and Christian theologians consider to be the authentic Holy Grail.
  • Dine in the World’s Oldest Restaurant – 300 year-old Sobrino de Botin in Madrid. Situated in the heart of the Spanish capital, just off Plaza Mayor, this beloved culinary institution founded in 1725 still uses the original 18th century wood-fired oven to prepare some of the best roasted lamb in town.
  • Visit the Tomb of Christopher Columbus. Although the Dominican Republic claims to have his remains, DNA testing has confirmed that the bones buried in the Cathedral of Seville do belong to Christopher Columbus.