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For your Monthly TopMunch Cultural Snack Box!

First box ships within 24 HOURS except for orders placed on Sundays.

FREE SHIPPING for US customers.
$10 shipping for UK customers.
$11 shipping for Canada customers.

Subsequent boxes ship on the 10th of every month.


Pay As You Go Plan

$32 / month

Renews automatically

Cancel online anytime

Multi-Month Prepaid Subscription Plans
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from $96

3 to 12 Month options available

6 & 12 Month plans do not auto renew

Cancel online anytime

What's in it?

The TopMunch Cultural Snack Box will provide from a different country each month:

  • 5-7 Exotic and Hard-to-find Full-size treats
  • A collection based on the local music, to listen to (TopMusic)
  • A travelogue with travel tips and recommendations, for places to see (TopTravel)
  • A language guide to help you pick up local phrases (TopPhrase)

Our boxes are almost always full (packed to the brim) and typically weigh around around 2-3 pounds.

"Full Size"... What do you mean??

When we say “Full-Size” we do not mean filling our boxes with 10 single ounce or similar sized snack packets like what other companies do.

We aim to provide maximum value for the price our customers pay, and we try to choose snacks that give you a full-fledged experience of each country’s diverse flavors.

For this reason, our boxes typically weigh around 2-3 pounds (sometimes more), and are packed to the brim making us fight for space in our already big boxes.

Some of the past boxes!

Italy Box
Indonesia Box
Netherlands Box