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For your Monthly TopMunch Cultural Experience Box!

First box ships within 24 HOURS except for orders placed on Sundays.

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Subsequent boxes ship on same date every month.

The Box!

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The Plans

Pay As You Go Plan

$29 / month

Monthly plan

Will be automatically renewed

Cancel online anytime

Multi-Month Prepaid Subscription Plan
(Most Popular)

from $24 / month

3 to 12 Month options available

Will be automatically renewed

Cancel online anytime

One Time Purchase


Will not be renewed


Whats included inside the box?

The TopMunch Cultural Experience Box will provide from a different country each month:

  • 5-7 Exotic and Hard-to-find Full-size treats
  • A collection based on the local music, to listen to (TopMusic)
  • A travelogue with travel tips and recommendations, for places to see (TopTravel)
  • A language guide to help you pick up local phrases (TopPhrase)

Our boxes are almost always full (packed to the brim) and typically weigh around around 2-3 pounds.


What do you mean by 'Full Size'?

When we say “Full-Size” we do not mean filling our boxes with 5-7 one-ounce or similar sized snack packets. We aim to provide maximum value for the price our customers pay, and we try to choose snacks that give you a full-fledged experience of each country’s diverse flavors. For this reason, our boxes typically weigh around 2 pounds, and are sometimes packed to the brim since we have to fight for space in our already big boxes.


Feel free to reach out to us at:

   +1 (844) TOPM-217

Some of the past boxes!

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