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Top 9 Snacks that will let you experience the Italian Culture

TopMunch's Popular Italian Snacks

That first enthralling whiff, that first sumptuous taste followed by that mind-numbing "Mmmmmm" is what actually differentiates different cultures from others. Everyone has their own defined way of preparing food, which starts from the different ingredients used to the manner or presenting it and all of this culminates in the diverse set flavors our world proudly hosts.

Food should educate you about the culture from where it originates. For e.g. food from Sardinia often incorporates their association to the seas to the delicacies they prepare, while Sicily heavily derives its flavors from North Africa and Arab influences. This amazing diversity can only be experienced, and "food" is that medium which transcends all borders to reach through to people from all walks of life.

In this article, we would like to open your taste-buds to a range of Italian snacks which we believe will let you experience Italian culture without having to travel to Italy (at least for now).


Let's start with a perfect candy that can be placed at the restaurant host-stand, or to be passed around after dinner. Polaris is a traditional Italian mint-oil based hard candy with an intense and refreshing flavor that will make your mouth feel worldly.

Sperlari Polaris Glaciar

2. DON PEPPINO SFOGLIETTE (Garlic & Basil flavor)

You can enjoy these versatile crackers paired with cheese and salami or straight from the bag! Sfogliette are traditional Italian crackers made with real Italian extra virgin olive oil.

Don Peppino Sfogliette (Garlic & Basil flavored)


Who doesn't love a story - The bride and groom were offered a sweet, made with honey, almonds and egg white, in the form of Torrazzo or "torrione" - the thirteenth century tower (of Cremona cathedral), from which the Italian word for nougat "Torrone" would seem to take its name. This crunchy nougat filled with almonds and hazelnuts carries with it a wonderful taste, sublime to people yearning for it.

Vergani Torrone Friabile



The Sfornatini are the original naturally leavened bread sticks, light, tempting and perfect with every meal. These delicate and crispy breadsticks, which are made with salt, rosemary and olive oil, are the perfect accompaniment to hot and cold dishes, thin slices of prosciutto or just wine.

La Mole Sfornatini





Let's delve again into history, to uncover the secrets of this traditional Italian snack - Sea Salt Flatbread, which has retained its flavor and authenticity since the last 150 years. These breadsticks attribute their crunchy and gilded taste to the high-quality ingredients, slow and genuine leavening, hand-stretched process, and slow baking.


Casa Vecchio Mulino, con Sale Marino with Sea Salt





"Mediterranean Diet" is widely considered a naturally healthy way of life, and their cuisine carries with them a mix of flavors, which are usually difficult to resist. This is mainly due to the Mediterranean Olive Oil used to prepare their delicacies. Foccacci Bites are deliciously crispy and delicate in texture and can be eaten alone or paired with your favorite hors-d'oeuvres, dips, or salsas.


Asturi Foccacci Bites



These crispy baked crackers from Tuscany are perfect for dipping, and are the perfect complement to any cheese or spread! Crustini Crackers are, therefore, a must when setting out an antipasto selection.

Crostini Tuscan Crackers



8. ASTURI BRUSCHETTINI Black & Green Olive

These snack-sized Italian bruschetta toasts are baked using unbleached flour and the highest quality extra virgin olive oil. They are the perfect snack all by themselves or topped with almost anything – in short, a great appetizer for any occasion.


Asturi Bruschettini Black & Green Olive


The Italian language is music to one's ears and anybody will fall in love with it. "Ti Amo" means "I love you", but now there is another way to say "I love you, the Italian way" which is Baci Perugina. Baci Perugina has a delightful love story that starts in 1922 in Perugia, a medieval city in the heart of Italy. It all began when a young chocolate maker created a special bonbon for his beloved. The confection was wrapped in a "billet-doux" (the love note) that still today makes Baci Perugina unique. This chocolate is as exquisite and sweet as a kiss, "a bacio" in Italian. This romantic story is the origin of Baci Perugina, an icon of quality and symbol of excellence & passion.

Baci Perugina




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