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Carambar Caramel Candy - Sachet

$4.90 $3.95
We have run out of stock for this item.
This individually wrapped caramel candy has been a favorite of French kids since the 1950's. And French adults are easily tempted too: nothing like Carambar to bring back childhood memories. Carambar is also a great pastry ingredient!´This French caramel bar is known for its long shape and the corny jokes printed on the inside of the wrapper. The jokes are legendarily bad, to the point that a bad joke is sometimes referred to as a _Carambar Jokeï by the French. That said, are you going to trust the comedic judgment of a people who view Jerry Lewis as a cultural treasure? We didn't think so. But trust their taste in sweet stuff. After all, they invented crme br_l_e.

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