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Bonbons Regalad Krema

$5.99 $3.95
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Find the good taste of caramel with the licorice flavored with anise and violet of the sweets Regalad Krema. We all remember these bags of sweets representing a leopard and containing a delicious delicacy tender with wild taste and natural licorice aromas. Pure happiness for the taste buds! A nostalgic French candy, the´Krema Batna Bonbon´may be one of the most love sweets we offer from France. ´So what is it? It's a caramel chew that is licorice flavored. This is very uncommon here in the United States, but is a popular treat worldwide. Fruit flavored candies. Orange, Cherry, Raspberry, Lemon, Apricot and Strawberry. Each is individually wrapped. Bag is 5.3 oz. Made with natural flavorings and fruit juices, no artificial colors.

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